Health and life sciences leading APAC into strong future

Over the past five years, Asia Pacific countries have been investing heavily in the health of their nations and in many countries, healthcare spending has exceeded economic growth. While countries across the region face similar challenges, it is a cultural hotspot with differing population needs, economic wealth distribution, and healthcare systems, and their responses to dealing with these challenges vary greatly depending on economic, political and social conditions.

The prosperity that is spreading across the APAC region, gives a strong indication for continued healthcare spending, but the challenge is to direct that spend towards solutions that offer the greatest value for money while having the biggest impact on individual and collective health outcomes.

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While the immediate impact of Covid-19 is putting pressure on healthcare systems across the APAC region, it has also accelerated key digitalisation trends in the healthcare sector. Telehealth has quickly provided digital solutions for online consultations and prescription renewal appointments where physical examinations have not been possible. Countries including Indonesia, Singapore and China have online platforms that have facilitated this shift, but further development and solutions are required across the region to implement long-term, robust digitalised solutions.

The life sciences and pharmaceutical arena are forging ahead with leveraging ICT to improve patient engagement, product development, and drive cost efficiencies. AI has already shown potential to analyse large data sets from clinical trials, health records, genetic profiles, and pre-clinical studies. A growing number of bio-pharma companies are using AI to streamline the drug discovery process. In Japan, South Korea and India AI is being implemented in aged care, cancer treatment and planning and to improve rural healthcare access.