How The Termination Letter Should be Worded

Stating a specific cause, such as absenteeism, can lead to defensiveness by the employee and public statements about unfairness. One strategy that is authentic yet diplomatic is to state something to the effect of “Terminating employment is in the best interest of the business.” It is succinct, and it spares both you and the employee from engaging in a drawn-out and what can be, in some cases, exasperating conversation, which may spread to your other employees or social media.

For legal and logistical reasons, there must be a set script, along with stock responses to what the employee might say. The script must state explicitly that the decision is irreversible. The easiest way to handle the presentation is to rehearse the content of the termination letter, but present it in a conversational way to the employee.

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What to say internally and, if needed, externally
Depending on who the individual is and their role in your company, you may need to issue an internal statement to your team. Avoid getting into specifics about why the employee was let go.

Simply let your staff know they are no longer working for you and that you are appreciative of the contributions they made to the company. For those who worked closely with the departed employee, you may want to schedule follow-up virtual meetings between the direct manager and the subordinates.

Key takeaway: Taking the proper steps to prepare for a remote termination is critical. You should have all of your paperwork in order, clearly assign whom the spokesperson will be, and prepare a script that details what will be said word for word.

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