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Bathroom Design Trends That You Need To Know

Although the bathroom is often considered a space in the home meant for function more than aesthetic, that doesn’t mean it’s something to ignore when it comes time to decorate desain.

If you want to style a cohesive, well-decorated home, it’s important to pay attention to details all throughout the space- bathroom included. Getting started, here are some design trends on our radar in 2019 so far.

For one, bathrooms in most homes (especially powder rooms), are often tiny. With such a small canvas, it can be hard to find decor that makes sense. A fun, counter-intuitive trend we’ve noticed this year is large statement art. “Small spaces like powder rooms excel as a canvas for a singular, splashy statement,” says interior design expert Patrick Ediger in a recent Elle Decor feature. To execute this look, try something like an accent wall (this requires nothing more than some creative paint choices), or a large framed print.

Another unique bathroom trend we’ve seen is a luxury, super high end all-black look. It’s a little bold, but it’s a really unexpected way to add a huge element of eccentricity and interest to an otherwise often overlooked space. If you’re brave enough to paint the walls black, go for it- then emphasize with pops of white in your decor.



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